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December 5, 2007

Not physically but psychically I’m in Blue Earth

it is the end of the world

where one sees the universe

with ┬ámore than a bird’s eye view

a place where no one wants to go

like Purgatory

someplace is worse but we can’t discuss this

Missing the Point is our official religion

churches of broken down motels

shirtless ex cons smoke outside on hot summer nights

they don’t acknowledge you cuz that would show weakness

and besides the screws tell ’em not to

they got cameras everywhere

at least they don’t preach

the Gospel of Hard Work

like the well paid white laborers do, no

their piety is at least silent

Blue Earth your oxygen is racism,

your CO2 is misogyny

your ozone is a gas released by


sand rammed miles deep into the crust by

guys with little beards and tatooes

living at the Willow Motel no locals allowed

work boots and lime green shirts, uniforms

a sign you didn’t go to college

and fly up with the rest of celestial bodies like

guys who get bonuses

who look down on Blue Earth

with mixed envy and distrust,

they’ve heard about the stabbings

and the drugs

and prison

and the stink of tobacco

and the idiot laughter

and the blank gazes of those too far gone