A Covenant


If one manages to keep a covenant

who is keeping score but God?

Grandma kept the ghost family alive

even when real ones were dead-in-life,

the two young mothers were best friends

had a kid each by the same father, my son.

Year after year they sent newspaper clippings

of the boys’s athletic triumphs to Grandma

whilst their father lay in prison or a psych ward

crippled by schizophrenia

one day grandma  called

to see about Russell and tell him of her doings

she wasn’t my relative, just my first ex wife’s mother

I said “I’m so glad you called, I was fixin’ to call you

to get ahold of your daughter and tell her Russell needs his mother”.

She said “they don’t talk to me, after Dad died there was a big fight over inheritance and..”

I said “welcome to my world, my kids don’t talk to me either, except Russ, he needs me”.

She said she had been afraid to call, afraid I’d be mean and hang up.

But she’s been praying for Russ every day..

I said “no no, it’s okay really, call anytime”.


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